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Pentas Controls was founded in 1992 with the specific objective of supplying quality printed circuit board replacements to the nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydro-electric utilities as well as other industrial customers.  Pentas has since developed the specialized capability to troubleshoot, reverse engineer, perform failure analysis, manufacture, repair/refurbish and thoroughly test instrument modules and power supplies as well as printed circuit board assemblies.

Pentas' combined nuclear engineering management experience exceeds 80 years.  This, coupled with our in-house assembly and troubleshooting, testing and manufacturing capabilities positions Pentas to handle all customers' needs for refurbishing/repairing or replacing like-for-like instrument and control boards, instrument modules, power supplies and other control devices.

One example of this support would be the total refurbishment of 39 Bailey Modules.  This project included replacement of all aluminum electrolytic capacitors (including 100% component receipt testing, Substitution, Evaluations, 50-100 hour burn-ins, Full Functional Testing and all supporting documentation).  This project was completed in 6 days from receipt to the ship date.  The utility furnished Pentas all the applicable bills of material, test specifications and Model type/quantities.  

With this data Pentas was able to order the applicable components and perform receipt testing prior to the Module receipts.  This particular project required continuous communication with the utility prior to the start of the project and continually throughout the project.  A COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!!!



Pentas' combined nuclear engineering management experience exceeds 80 years.  Our in-house assembly and troubleshooting, testing, and manufacturing capabilities position Pentas to handle all customer needs for refurbishing, repairing, or replacing like-for-like instrument and control boards, instrument modules, power supplies, and other control devices.

Our expertise encompasses all areas relevant to electronic device manufacturing and repair for nuclear and commercial industries.  Our many years of nuclear experience include dedication testing of various commercial grade electronics for use in safety-related applications; performing numerous equivalency evaluations, developing dedication testing plans for circuit boards, power supplies, and instrumentation and control devices; and performing component and system level troubleshooting and start-up evaluations.

Additionally, our personnel have served on various Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Plant Support Engineering (PSE) and Nuclear Management Resources (NUMARC) committees.  Pentas Controls has successfully passed "10CFR50," Appendix B audits, and Quality Surveys performed by Progress Energy, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, IES - Duane Arnold, and Texas Utilities.

  • Constellation Nuclear
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Duke Energy
  • Talen Energy
  • Texas Utilities
  • American Electric Power
  • Exelon
  • Entergy
  • Florida Power & Electric
  • First Energy
  • APS
  • NextEra
  • Energy Northwest
  • South Carolina Electric & Gas